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Wine Reserve
Premium natural wine in Batumi from a private winery. The Wine Reserve offers you a carefully selected collection of wines, consisting of the most exquisite flavors that accurately define the taste of luxury.
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Wine is the national pride of Georgia. There are more than 500 varieties of autochthonous (local) grape varieties in the country, all of them are included in the national Red Book and are protected by the state.
birthplace of wine
There are five key wine-growing zones in modern Georgia: Kakheti, Kartli, Imereti, Racha–Lechkhumi and the Black Sea Coast Zone, which includes three regions - Adjara, Guria and Samegrelo.
Georgians have shared a love for grapes since time immemorial and remain faithful to it to this day. Our museums contain numerous artifacts dating back thousands of years related to the wine-making practice.
The history of wine dates back to the Neolithic era, and the most striking trace of it was discovered here in Georgia. Georgians consider wine a sacred drink.In the 4th century, Saint Nino, the enlightener of Georgia, arrived in Georgia from Cappadocia with a grape cross entwined with her hair, and after the acts of the Saint, in 326 AD, Georgians converted to Christianity.

Thus, grapes and vines occupy an important
place in the symbolism of Georgia.
Alc. 12%
Qvevri White Dry Wine
45 gel
Alc. 13,5%
Dry Red Wine
65 gel

Khashmi Saperavi

Alc. 13%
Dry Red Wine
85 gel
Coupage Bio
115 gel
85 gel
Alc. 12,5%
White Dry Wine
Alc. 13,5%
Natural Dry White Wine
More than 20 types of natural wine are presented in our wine boutique. Choose your refined taste from our assortment
We do not just sell wine, we provide the best service and give emotions to our visitors. Once you visit our wine boutique, you will never want to drink wine anywhere else
Wine Reserve invites you to visit for a tasting of natural wines of Georgia
rest your soul with wine reserve
The wine list of our restaurant deserves a special mention: a rich selection of natural red, white and bio wines as well as cheese plates for . We will also be happy to conduct a wine tasting for you.
Conversations become more interesting with a glass of wine. Visit us: 8, Z.Gamsakhurdia str. Old Batumi
our Interior
In a world where consumers are overwhelmed by product choices packaging is much more than a wrapper. The role of shapes, colors and textures deliver to the consumers a sensory experience that they won’t forget.
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Open from 12:00 to last client
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10 Zviad Gamsakhurdia St, Batumi